The History of Construction Personnel Group, Inc

Summers, while I was in college, were spent building concrete forms in the Southern Tier of Western New York.   I worked for a company called Hadley and Sons Construction. The ’80s were a difficult time for work and after dropping out of college after almost three years, I did a tour of odd jobs including fast food, door-to-door sales, and even loading docks. Eventually, fate put me back into remodeling as a carpenter’s helper.

In 1989 I started a handyman service that eventually became Apollo Construction, a residential and light-commercial remodeling company. Over the next ten years, I experienced both the joys and the pains of growth. I found myself saying what most of us have said at one time or another, “I have no trouble finding the jobs, I just can’t seem to find the quality employees to get it done!”

In 1998 I opened Construction Personnel Group, Inc. Our first office was in Cheektowaga on Genesee street. I believed then, as I do now that we could affect positive change in the construction industry.

In 2014 we added “Construction Personnel Group, Inc.” to our name.

The last 30 years have seen a lot of change in the construction industry. Technology has given us instant access to millions of resumes and millions of job openings. Still, the cry from job seekers is always, “There are no good jobs”. Meanwhile, the number one complaint from companies continues to be that there are no good employees. The need for Sqrft as the human element has never been more evident.

Around 2015 we realized that like most of our competition, we had sunk to being just average. In frustration, I wrote my Vivid Vision wherein I vowed to raise the bar for everyone we did business with—not just job seekers, but companies, vendors, and especially our own staff. For so many of us, in the pursuit of money, the opportunity to do the right thing often gets lost. My promise, for me and my business, is to always come down on the side of doing the right thing even if there is a cost (which there usually is).

I love what we do. I look forward to working with you.

John Krytus, President

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