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Was looking for employment for a while. Came across this team of professionals and they have been of an absolutely amazing assistance. Found work for me within a week! Very supportive and prompt in response regarding any concerns or issues. Highly recommend

Tremaine Lewis

Roofing Laborer

Construction personnel group was a fantastic start helping with the search for a new trade/ job. They were remarkably fast and efficient reaching out to different businesses, talking to them for you, and keeping you updated every step along the way. They even offer to help spruce up your resume to make yourself look better than you think you do. Not ti mention, the whole process lasted about a week before things were finished, so no hassle or worries about the future! I highly recommend giving it a try for anyone looking for better opportunities!

Zach Hance

Industrial Sandblaster

We just hired a young man through Construction Personnel Group and let me tell you - he is absolutely fantastic! Perfect attendance, hard worker, communicative. Worth every penny! The staff over at CPG were outstanding to work with. We kept in contact throughout the course of the employee's temp hours. No funny business, no bait and switches, just straight up, reliable hiring. Highly recommend them to workers and employers alike!

Office Manager

Atlantic Contracting Partners

SqrFt helped me find a good job that was relevant to my skill set. Everyone I worked with was professional, kind and invested in me finding something that was a good fit. My resume turned out great, and I would not hesitate to go through SqrFt for employment again.

Max Reiling

Restoration Specialist

We need jobs. Squarefoot finds jobs. Squarefoot gets us jobs. Simple as that. Everyone in the Squarefoot office has addressed me with friendliness, confidence & curiosity, seeing me as a skilled individual seeking help. I was hoping to get into woodworking, but they suggested HVAC based on my previous experience. I can admit they knew better than me, and my family is in a better position because of it. They were there for me when I desperately needed help, and because of it my family is well supported. I am beyond grateful. THANK YOU, SQUAREFOOT!

Alexander Field

Commercial HVAC Installer

Sqrft doesn't mess around. I got a job after my first interview. Good people to work with and great results!

Duane Taylor

HVAC Technician

Hey good afternoon, well actually good evening John this is Alex Peterson. I just wanted to thank you for guiding me to my current company. The company is growing and I am growing with the company and it's proving to be a great fit for me. God bless you, thank you, and stay well.

Alex Peterson

Property Maintenance Technician

The two words that come to mind when I think of my time at Squarefoot are "due diligence". You will be challenged if you want to work with John and his crew, but they will place you in the best position available for you, and your employer. What you do with the job when you get it is entirely up to you. Be open, be honest, and you will reap the rewards. Highly recommended, professional and friendly people to work with.

John Naylor

Writer and researcher

Awesome people. Very professional. Best employment agents I have ever worked with.


Hi Carla, It was very nice meeting you yesterday. Glad I got to put a face with the voice. In fact, my entire experience there was great. Everyone was so nice and low-key.

Roz DiBacco

Hi John, I enjoyed our meeting today. Your philosophical insight into the job search is refreshing. Keep it up. I will have a "projects page" for you soon. Best regards

Michael C

I would like to extend a grateful Thank you to Square Foot. They helped me build a tremendous resume that led to more interviews then I could have imagined. They also put me in touch with a great company that I can see myself retiring from!!!


Squarefoot Tradesman is a great agency and has put me through a great working environment where I'm able to learn more from my co-workers and supervisors

Eugene W Hicks

Great people to work for. Found work for me the first day I was here and I stayed busy. The people at Squarefoot are very friendly and work hard to place you at a job that's best for your work talent.


John, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your time yesterday. I have to admit I've had a rather disheartening interview the day before I meet with you and Sarah. I was dreading another interview, but you guys made me feel comfortable right from the beginning. I can tell that you and your staff truly care about your clients and I look forward to working with you in the future. Sincerely


I just had to stop this afternoon and thank you and your staff. Our PM is very satisfied with Paul, and Daniel has been excellent as well. The Project Superintendent was so pleased he called to congratulate me today. We must be ready for the staining sub on Thursday and we will make it happen!! Good workers John. Thank you again.

Susan Johnson

Excellent services! 100% honest with truthful leads. Wouldn't trust anybody else! Everyone is great in what they do here! I'd recommend to anyone looking for a trade job. Couldn't be more happy with how things have gone!

Garrett wrap

Trades Helper

Squarefoot Tradesman is a great company. I was blessed by God to work with them over the last month and a half. They are truly great people. I would recommend them to anyone


John: You have done a great service to all those looking to either enter the job market or those just looking to share their many years of experience in teaching the new generation. I hope to someday meet you and shake your hand. Thanks

Tony G

Had an interview with John Krytus. It was refreshing to actually have thought provoking questions asked. I truly believe that John cares about the quality of individual he presents to his clients. I highly recommend John and his company not only for employees looking for work but also employer's looking for pre-screened quality applicants

Thomas Warren

Plumbing Service Manager

Everyone loves Joe. I did not want to give a report so soon. But, he gets an A+ so far. Big smile on his face every time I see him. He instantly bonded with his Non-Union Management Team. Quickly became part of that team. Production workers and Union Steward love him. We see management potential in his future. He is very happy to be here

David Yoviene

I want to thank you for your quick and efficient handling of helping me find employment. Your company is first rate. The professionalism and honesty you showed me was excellent. I will have no hesitation in referring other quality tradesman to your company in their effort to find work. Thanks again.

Todd Michalski


Hey Kim, nice to hear from you. Sorry for the delayed response...  Everything is going terrific at MGA. I love it there, I often think where I would be if I didn't get this opportunity, like if I'd still be at my crappy old job...  Well, I hope everything continues to go well with you and feel free to keep in touch. Thanks again Kim

Paul Casey

Hi John, I just want to touch base with you, I read some of your job descriptions and I must say, I am impressed...  I think you do an outstanding job of capturing the job. I receive a lot of job emails and they all suck, no effort into them at all. Keep doing what you are doing and I am sure you will find many candidates.

Michael Ditch

John, I want to thank you and Chris for your time. Please continue to keep me on your email listings. I think you run an excellent operation that is professional, dealing with a sometimes very un-professional industry.

Michael Salatino

Even before I work a day on a job for Squarefoot, I can say that I am immensely impressed. John met with me personally to discuss my unique situation. His knowledge and enthusiasm for what he does left me eager to be a part of the Squarefoot family.

Chris Neyman

My wife and I recently moved back to the Buffalo area and are very excited to be part of the resurgence going on here in the area.  It's great to know there's a place like Squarefoot Tradesman with such a committed owner like John, and his great staff, to help us get back on our feet here in Buffalo and find what best suits employer and employee. Thank you very much. Highly recommend

Joseph McCarthy

Working with many temp agencies around the Buffalo area, I find that this company has the people that go above and beyond. I recommend this company to anyone that is looking for a hard-working staff that looks for your fit

Jeff Matthews

He is Wonderful. He was with us for over 15 years… he just moved upward... Great people person, customer service. Always followed-through with the leads we would set up for him… He knows the product and was a go-getter… Never any issues… Everyone liked working for him. He did very good for our company. You won't be sorry for taking him on your sales team...


Worked with me very well; explained the job and the contents of the job really well. Excellent place to work for.

Jermaine Nance Sr.

The client was very pleased with my work, and I got along great with everyone, including the owner. My boss treated me with dignity and respect, and wanted to keep me on, but it was a temporary assignment and the super had men that were currently laid-off. Kim did a great job to get me in there, and I'm very pleased with the effort she put in.

John Manges

My assignment was very good, it was the closest thing to my skills that could have been provided for me. The supervisor was awesome. It was bittersweet when he was promoted and I was no longer working with him. My recruiter, Kim, was great. If I had any need or questions she was there to take care of it.

Joseph Pawlowski

The assignment was wonderful, I like it and it is what I wanted to do. The supervisor was great too; I got help from them when I needed it. They helped me move forward to be a more experienced worker. There's not enough room to say how wonderful Kim is and how much she helped me to the point where I am now a permanent employee. Thanks, Kim Tatoian, you are a great person

Luis Negron

Permanent Hire

(My Assignment) was a good place to work; lots of easy-going men and a good atmosphere. The supervisor, Mike, is a good guy. He's very easy to talk to and very understanding. Kim, my recruiter, was also very helpful. She cares a lot about people.

Jeremy Sanders

Amos is perfect. You guys hit it out of the park with him. We want him to start Monday at 8:00 am


Local Real Estate Developer

I was a little nervous when I first applied because other employment agencies had scammed me from job to job until there was no work left. After the interview with John, who is a brilliant but reserved man, I was optimistic and felt good. First off the environment is very inviting on top of the staff being serious professionals that know the ins and outs of their craft. Neither John or Mark told me what I wanted to hear. They were truthful with me and answered all of my questions and told me flat out if you work hard for us we will get you an interview for a job that you want. They ended up getting me a great career. 2 days after the interview I had a good job that was only supposed to last a week to see how I worked, but it ended up lasting a month, and as promised, they got me an interview with my dream job which I am currently working my way up the ranks.  I have recommended Squarefoot to all my friends that have less than satisfying jobs or aren't getting paid what they deserve because it's true you work for them they work for you they are the real deal life-changers.  Thanks guys, and Jackie of course lol. P.S. all 3 of you are on my Christmas list!!!!

Past Employee

Dear John: I was asked to give a review of your 3-year Vivid Vision. I must say, in a nutshell, that you have taken theories from Stephen Covey, blended them with a serious need in today's business, added your heartfelt experiences and have created a product that finally gets me excited about being more creative in the workplace. Thank You for your boldness and integrity...  Charlie

Charles R. Pero, III

My assignment was a good job with good hours. My supervisor was very nice to his workers and was extremely fair. I feel as if my recruiter was excellent. I did a good job painting and I think ****** Paint is a good company to work for. -Alex Mendez-Exit Interview 8/16/2010 Two years ago Alex Mendez came to us looking for work during the summer. He has worked four different temporary assignments and has always done a great job! He graduated from college in May and is moving to Denver in two weeks to continue his education. We wish him all the best!

Alex Mendez

This assignment and placement was an extremely enjoyable experience. My supervisor was very easy to get along with and approachable. Kim was very diligent in getting me a placement and a great placement at that! My work performance on this assignment met and in some cases, exceeded expectation. My assignment came to an end because, unfortunately, it wasn't permanent; the company became caught up on all work. I really look forward to working with Construction Personnel Group in the future

Adam Garcia

I love this demolition company. Also, I have to say that my supervisor is great and a fair guy. My recruiter, Kim from Construction Personnel Group is the best, hands down! My performance on this job has been outstanding, while the position itself has made me stronger mentally and physically. My assignment ended because I accepted a permanent position with the demolition company. Thank you Construction Personnel Group; you saved me!

Georgia Green

This recent assignment was a pleasant experience and the people were great there as well. My immediate supervisor was a fairly nice guy. Kim was my recruiter over at Construction Personnel Group; she is really nice and she was great at finding work for me. I enjoyed doing the work, but it was also a learning experience for me that was new. My assignment ended because one of the guys came back to work and I had another job opportunity. However, I would work for them again if the opportunity ever presented itself. I worked with a great crew from start to finish.

Gerry Rounds

The assignment that I decided to take on was a fair one. My supervisor there was extremely tolerant and helpful with everything. My performance on the job probably wasn't my best; a lot of personal things got in the way of my work and it just wasn't the right timing for me. My recruiter was Kim of Construction Personnel Group and she was fantastic, going above and beyond her call of duty just to help me. My assignment ended because I was late a couple of times too many.

Steve Zuppinger

This assignment was an absolutely solid fit for me. My immediate supervisor was helpful all the time. Kim from Construction Personnel Group was always so helpful and knowledgeable as well -- any question I may have had, she provided me an answer for it. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the best possible quality; I'd say my performance was a 9. My assignment ended because I was hired as a permanent employee of the company.

Sean Tennant

My supervisors were really great at the job site. Kim from Construction Personnel Group was my recruiter, she was nothing less than great. Kim was such a big help to me and was very prompt in getting me work. I have to give her four out of four stars and a two thumbs up for a job well done. My performance on the job was proven to be quality and I learned a lot about job. My assignment ended because it was time for me to move on to advance my career.

Chris O’brien

My guys were very impressed with Chris today! They said he hauled a** and they'd take him any day of the week...  I definitely want you and Chris to know we'd like to have him work with us again as soon as the need arises.

John Bartlo

This was a really good assignment for me. My supervisor was a fair guy and he was understanding. Kim from Construction Personnel Group was my recruiter and words cannot describe how amazing she was to me. Kim worked fast and got me the job placement almost over night. She always went above and beyond her call of duty for my well-being. My performance on the job was excellent in my opinion. There may have been a slight drop-off in my performance toward the end due to the medication I was taking. The assignment ended because of my own personal reasons.

Marc Calandra

I took on a driving position, not knowing how stressful it could be not having enough experience. I don't shun a challenge. The company was a fast paced environment and lot of things had to be learned on the fly aside from my initial training, which was great initial training by the way. I performed to the best of my ability; however, I feel like I may have need more training. Kim is a great recruiter for Construction Personnel Group, but my assignment ended because I was not experienced enough for the challenge that I took on.

David Ramsey

Dear Sarah, Nice talking to you today....I am very much interested in working with you to help me in my job hunting venture...Its nice to know there still are companies like yours to network with in this horrible economy to help people like myself to find a job in my skilled trades area which would be legit.........

Gregory Black

You guys have a great staff very, very professional each and everyone of you– John, Kim, Sarah, and everyone I've met. You guys are truly a big help to the community. Bless you all and have a great Christmas. Thank you for the contact with Todd's company. I feel things will be okay. They have a great thing going. Again thank you very, very, much.

Jim Siracuse

Hello Kim. First let me say thank you for taking the time to sit down and talk with me it was great getting to know you. I appreciate your values and determination for putting people to work! I did meet with Greg the VP at ***. After talking with him and the owner for around two hours yesterday, I must say that we clicked right away. Having the same values and goals in mind I feel that we will work very well together. So I must say that you know your job very well and have a fantastic ability to pair people with company's that you know will mesh! I am waiting for Greg to get back to me with a package of pay/benefits. And from what I felt and saw through our conversation they seem very excited to work with me! I hope to hear some feedback from you and again thank you!


Very nice, treated with respect. Helped me get a permanent job with a great company!!! Five stars!

Geno Castricone

SqFt Staffing is very professional. Mark DiMaria is a great representative who will go out of his way and work hard for you.

Russell M. Busshart

Dear Beth, Last week we were able to complete the mechanical work at the cooling tunnel in Batavia. Bill did a great job. And that’s why we want to say thank you again for your help! I was told that last week’s Thursday was Bill’s last day and on Friday he was in to say goodbye. We want to thank you and your team for the good cooperation and all the help you gave us! In case of getting another project in Upstate New York, we will get in contact with you again. Best Regards and best wishes I.V.T.N. - Head of Purchasing Germany


I have accepted the offer given to me and I won't be looking any more. Thanks again for everything. 🙂 I will send people your way since I know that you and Squarefoot Staffing are an awesome group. Thanks again


Your company took the initiative to take a chance on me! Not just a chance but rather an educated decision to capitalize on someone that is a desirable candidate for clients. Also, in the position that I was in, by which employment seemed unobtainable in an extremely competitive workplace, you’ve provided relief by seeking placement for a success-driven aspiring individual who was granted an opportunity to showcase skills overlooked by others~ and for that I am forever thankful to you all:) Thank you Squarefoot Staffing with immense gratitude.

Luis A. Aviles

Construction Personnel Group, Inc. has excellent customer service and they are a great firm to work for. I was treated well and with respect, my assignment was an appropriate fit, and I would recommend them to others!

Ralph Bell

I love my new job so far! They are teaching me new aspects of my job at my own pace, and as they have time to teach me. I feel respected because they trust me to carry out tasks independently once I have learned how to do them. I feel valued because they expect me to become an integral part of their team. Additionally, they are very patient as I learn, even as I am impatient to become an "expert" at my job. Everyone in the office seems friendly and appears to be helpful to each other.


When you ask how I like Harold and how he is doing, I couldn’t be happier. Harold is perfect. To demonstrate how much we trust him, Harold was assigned our largest client––Lowes. He is doing a great job for us and I wish there were more Harold’s in the world! David Griffin - Merchant Metals **We were able to fill this job without posting it.

Dave Griffin

Hi John, I interviewed with you a few weeks back regarding a *** position that you had open. I did speak with you afterwards and understand you had someone in mind to fill the position. This is not why I am contacting you today, but, I wanted to say “Thank You”. During our interview, I spoke with you about … The next day, I sent an email to them and set up a time to teach. I recently completed the class on a Wednesday night and walked away with a smile on my face and heart. It was a very small class, but, it was a great learning lesson for the participants and me. During the class, there was a discussion about what they were learning that night. They shared with me that the class was one of the best they had been to. They thought the information was good but more importantly that they appreciated the “real” advice I gave them and they could see that I was passionate about helping them. On my ride home, (I do a great deal of thinking in the car) I felt that I needed to thank you for having the discussion with me and bringing the class to my mind. During our day, there are people who we come across who make us think, smile, and influence us, not always do we get an opportunity to thank them. This time I was able to. With sincere thanks,


The employees at Squarefoot are just overall good people. They always did right by me and I am very thankful that they do what they do! They were such a good support team and Mark is a great guy. I thank you for being there for me.

Alonzo Thomas

Great people to work for! They really got me into the right job. Beth is very friendly and I felt like she dedicated herself to helping me find the best jobs. Mark also helps make sure I get paid which is also very important! Thanks

Chris S.

Squarefoot staffing was an excellent company to work with. Everyone was very nice and understanding. The position that they provided me with was a comfortable fit and the managers and co-workers were excellent. All the staff at Squarefoot was excellent and they were the best staffing company I have ever worked with.


I just wanted to tell you I think Beth hit the nail on the head with Kyle. He hasn’t started for us yet so I hope I am not jinxing us but I think he would be our prototypical candidate. The time i spent with her was well worth it to determine who and what we were looking for. I also want to tell you that Mark who answers your phones really represents your company well. Every time he answers the phone I get a very pleasant, eager to help feeling from him. Never have I detected any frustration or a sense he didn’t want to be there doing whatever he could to help. He truly makes the initial contact with your client warm and welcoming. I just wanted you to know because us business owners don’t get enough pats on the back. Great job and keep doing what you are doing. It’s working. Mark A. Utech, President Utech Basement Waterproofing 3236 Genesee Street Cheektowaga, NY 14225 (716) 893-8801 www.utechwaterproofing.com

Mark A. Utech

Working with Squarefoot Staffing was a good experience. The staff was very helpful and I was treated well.

Anthony Lopez

The staff at Squarefoot is absolutely the best at what they do! They really do care about you and your career!

Dennis Carroll

The people at Squarefoot Staffing are very helpful and nice. If you are willing to work then they will make sure to get you to work as soon as possible and with a job aimed to fit you and your criteria.

Z. Kurtz

My assignment was great, I learned a lot in HVAC. My supervisor was nice and he was very helpful, I was sorry the assignment had to end. My recruiter was excellent. Kim is trying her best to find the best position for me.

Gustave Kabuya

They put me to work even though its a temp to hire, but nowadays it's tough to get a job. I started as a temp myself. Soon I will be full-time permanent with a good company. They have great assistance, help with my experience in construction, roofing. They are more than just my employers, they are more like friends.

Kenneth Santaiago

John, It was a true pleasure to meet with you. I'm not trying to bug you in regards to the “fire sprinkler designer posting”… (I'll let the process play out… ) BUT, I wanted to say...  I’m impressed.  #1 “you” met me…(not some basic HR blank canvas type ) #2 you actually had Jaclyn call references…she asked questions!!!- not the basic “blah blah worked from here to there-yes blah blah did”…real questions that made the reference people feel I had a “cool” interview with a cool company looking for real answers!..( Sadly these references of mine have had a few calls from a few places, and they called me to advise me ” if I apply to another,.. a–hole place… asking ONLY 100% moronic questions… I'm gonna punch you”)…to not upset my references with a waste of time questions! you made this experience 5 stars, 2 thumbs up…! So hey just wanted to say THANK YOU! Dennis

Dennis Wittmeyer

John & Jenny, I wanted to thank you both for giving me he opportunity to work with you guys and for welcoming me into so many parts of your life. I have the utmost respect for both of you and learned so many very things from you both. Thank you for allowing me to grow and change with your company and for being lenient with me these last 2 years. See you soon! Say hello to the girls for me 🙂



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