Fee Placement

In short

We recommend a person for your position. You interview them. You like them. You hire them. You pay us a finders fee.

Our Fee

Our fee is 20% of the employee’s projected annual compensation (unless you were quoted something different).

How the fee is paid

The fee will be collected over eight monthly payments. The first invoice will be dated when the offer is accepted.


If your new hire fails at any time over the course of the term, we prorate his time in and square up accordingly.

Some agencies ask for full payment upfront and then offer a 30, 60, 90-day guarantee. Our feeling is that if the agency didn’t get it right the first time, how in the world can you be sure they are going to get it the second time? Our pay as you go structure makes sure that we both have some skin in the game and ultimately, leads to more successful referrals.

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