Most common questions

Is CPG a “Middle Man?”

Rock stars have Agents. Athletes have Agents. Actors have Agents. In the 21st century smart people who don’t want to miss out on a better career option, have an Agent that they trust on call.

Are all agencies the same?

It would be like saying McDonald’s is the same as a Steak House–it’s just not the case. There are agencies that service temporary employees for temporary jobs in temporary companies. SqrFt’s focus is generally on career type moves, whether they be full time or project-based.

How does CPG make money?

Contract-to-hire: We write your paycheck during your probation period with your new employer. Our commission is collected by billing a few dollars every hour that you work. Once you’ve termed out (and assuming that you like who you’re working for), you flip onto their books. It’s seamless.

Direct: Most non-production folks go right to work immediately for their new employer without the contingent arrangement.

What’s my obligation?

You have zero obligation to work with ANY Agent. You are free to walk away any time you want. If you don’t like the pay, or the hours, or the environment–walk away.

What’s the benefit?

When you apply with CPG, you are effectively applying with all of our clients. Our clients tend to be solid companies, with good reputations. As your agent we don’t want to get stung any more than you do–so we’re looking out for both of us.

What’s the catch?

We do not promise anyone a job—and even though our service is free to you, we still want your time to be well spent—so once you’re registered and properly keyworded in our system, we’ll try not to trouble you unless we have something you want to talk about.

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