Not everyone gets an in-person interview

Our policy is to try to talk to everybody at least once. The purpose of that conversation is to give you a chance to clarify for us what job you are targeting. And second, the experience you have as it relates to that job.

If you and we agree that we might know of an opportunity that can get you close to what you’re looking for in a job, then we will likely invite you in for an in-person meeting.

Sometimes we just don’t have an answer for a person’s particular wants/needs. If that’s the case then we do our best to understand who you are before we hang up the phone. The situation you’re looking for might present itself next week/month/year and we want to be able to find your resume when that happens.

Is this a dead-end?

If you feel like our conversations have gotten to a dead end, but still believe we are not appreciating what you have to offer, there are some things that you could do that might further the conversation.

  1. Take a DISC assessment. There are certain personalities that always seem to be in more demand than others. If you happen to be one of them, it may prove to be useful.
  2. Pay for a consultation. A meeting with a Consultant might just give you the insight that you need.

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