On a particular Monday in 2015, it snowed so hard that we closed the office and I worked from home in front of my fireplace. I wrote the following document that I called our “Vivid Vision for 2018”. It painted a picture of the company we wanted to become. 2018 has come and gone, but the vision today remains unchanged.

~John Krytus, Founder

Our Vision Statement

Who we are

Construction Personnel Group, CPG for short, is a recruiting services firm that sources, screens, and onboards new employees for some of Western New York’s fastest-growing construction companies. Broadly speaking, we service companies that employ skilled tradespeople.  These are construction, service, and certain manufacturing companies.

Most of our efforts are centered around skilled tradespeople. Because of the relationships we’ve cultivated, our clients also look to us to staff positions in management, administration, and sales and marketing.

We have solid and lasting relationships with some of the best places to work in every trade.

Who are our client companies?

Our clients primarily operate in Buffalo and the surrounding area.  They extend as far as Rochester, and Jamestown.

Occasionally they are companies doing projects that require contingent labor. However, for the most part, they are companies looking to make permanent and lasting additions to their teams.

Every single one of them has a reputation for being a great place to work.

  • They treat their vendors well. They pay them fairly and promptly. They return phone calls.
  • Their customers have grown to trust them, and refer them often.
  • Their employees are proud to represent them because they are always treated with respect, dignity, and compassion. What they say and do has a direct impact on how the company operates.

Our client companies are comfortable with our price. They do not continually shop us against our competition. They already know that if they find an agency that is giving away their servicethen their quality will not be worth anything either.

Our client companies are able to plan for the future. Even if they have contingencies, they at least have a plan. They extend to us the courtesy of being a part of that plan.

The jobs we fill

A great job is completely subjective.  For some folks, a great job equals decades of absolute stability and a pension.  For others, it may mean a quick project to put food on the table.  We are not particular about the type of job we recommend to a person, as long as it is in everybody’s best interest.

Our place in the community

Not every Tradesman in Buffalo NY works with us, but most of them know who we are.  If they used to see our service as a crutch, they now consider it a luxury.

If a construction company is not doing business with us, it’s either because they cannot afford us, or we just don’t have enough capacity to service them.

Every non-profit, job readiness program in town knows what we do and always refer their best people to us.

The education community invites us in to advise, educate, and recruit their students.

The media sees us as industry insiders.  If they have a question pertaining to construction or skilled trades employment in Buffalo, they ask us.  We always have tracking systems and data analysis to support our opinions.

Those who have actually worked with us, admire us for having set the bar so high. They are genuinely impressed with not only the speed and efficiency that we made a high-quality connection; but also that the referral was way more than they ever expected (even for themselves).

How we do what we do

In an age where a job seeker has thousands of job openings at his fingertips with a keystroke, and companies can have tens of thousands of resumes for the same effort, it has become even more impossible for a person down in the trenches to make the right decision on who to work with.  There are tools that we use and methods that we employ that give us what I call “the 30,000-foot view”.   Because of our ability to look at thousands of job seekers and thousands of companies at the same time, we have a distinct advantage.  From our perspective, the potential connections become obvious.  We make it look easy.  And further, we continue to stick to Our Promise that if we don’t see the perfect match, then we won’t make the recommendation. We would rather not make the sale then make a recommendation to a person (or company) that has less than excellent long-term implications.  That would go against our core values.

Every day we touch hundreds of companies and hundreds of people. We’ve cultivated relationships.  People trust us.  We’ve earned their respect. People refer us….all the time.

We have cutting-edge technology.  Our CRM/ATS holds the resumes of more than 50,000 tradesmen that we’ve interviewed over the last twenty-one years.  We have keywords, and algorithms, and searches to help our human brains to not miss a thing.

Core Values

Our values are the guidelines by which we make decisions, and we hold each other to the same standard. We have learned that the hiring companies, job seekers, career coaches, agencies, vendors and staff that work best with us are those who share similar truths.

  • We always put the other person’s needs first. Generally, we are talking about a person’s livelihood.  We put each person before our commission.
  • We practice personal accountability.  In other words, in every situation, we ask, “Is there something I could have done to facilitate a better outcome?”
  • We are impeccable with our word.  We hold ourselves to the same standards that we hold others, and we enforce those standards unilaterally.
  • We always try to “do the right thing.”
  • We follow up.  And we keep our word.

We always remember these values, and that our job here is to make excellent connections.

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